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Feb 12 ,2015 Written By: Joe M

Where Should You Wear A Rude Christmas Jumper?

So you’ve gotten yourself one of our amazing jumpers. Nice one. Maybe you went for Santa getting well acquainted with a chimney? Perhaps you decided on our jumper dedicated to forest preservation?

Whichever you decided on, the next course of action is to figure out where you can wear your new Rude Christmas Jumper oh so proudly?

Wear a funny Christmas jumper at.. Your Office Party

Office parties are always mayhem. A once-a-year opportunity to get pissed up and loudly bitch about people you work with, while watching your fellow pissed co-workers try and fail to charm members of the opposite sex.

Breath some life into the drab lives of your coworkers with a funny Christmas jumper that is sure  and descend to speed up the night’s descent into absolute anarchy. We’d suggest the I’ll Give You A White Christmas jumper for maximum impact.

Wear a funny Christmas jumper at..Your Mate’s Stag Do

When you’re unleashing whatever brand of carnage you have planned for your friend’s send off, make sure you are properly attired. Whether it’s the local pubs in a provincial town or weekend downing cheap beers in an eastern european city, a funny Christmas jumper is the only sensible choice for your mate’s last night of freedom.

We recommend showing your whole stag party our funny Christmas jumpers and let them decide which hilarious jumper they’d prefer, then hit the town for a night you’ll not soon forget.

Wear a funny Christmas jumper at.. Christmas Dinner


The turkey is in the oven, the pigs are in their blankets and there’s a massive bowl of sprouts being pushed around the table that look about as appetising as a vial of anthrax. What are you wearing? You Guessed it – a rude Christmas jumper.

Wear a funny Christmas jumper on.. Christmas Jumper Day


Christmas Jumper Day is one of the best ideas to come out of the festive season in ages. Everyone gets to wear the best item of clothing invented (a christmas jumper) and donate money to charity. Win=Win.

This year, Christmas jumper day falls on the 18th of December this year, so stick on any of our Christmas jumpers and give generously to Save the Children.

Wear a funny Christmas jumper at.. Your Mate’s Hen Do


Hen do’s are a very different animal to your standard stag do. Men like to think they have the most raucous nights out when they are together, but the truth is – any hen party in the world will put their efforts to shame.


Wherever you end up for your mate’s hen do – whether it’s downing tequila in a  club with a sticky floor, belligerently ordering a chicken tikka masala at 4am or reliving a cut price Magic Mike in Swindon, be sure to loud, proud and wearing this Rude Christmas Jumper. You know it makes sense.

Wear a funny Christmas jumper at.. A Funeral


Put the ‘fun’ back into funeral! Funerals are so drab. It’s all black suits, being quiet and death this, dearly departed that. Why not spice it up with a jumper emblazoned with Saint Nick penetrating a cold, stone chimney? Job done (if it’s not clear enough that we’re being ironic, please never ever do this).

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