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Oct 13 ,2016 Written By: Henry Ramsden

When’s the right time to put your Christmas tree up?

Today, team #RudeChristmasJumpers has decided to take a look at one of the bright burning questions of our age…just when should one put their Christmas tree up?

Yes, here at RCJ Towers we figured it’s about time to take a good long look at all (or at least a good few) of the opinions on this topic, starting with some sage advice from Wales Online.

Cold in the air

The interesting article from November 2015 points out that in the pre-Christian era of Europe, greenery was brought indoors when weather turned cold – this is a precursor to Christmas trees themselves. Given how early it can get cold these days, you may want to avoid this pagan tradition’s ‘early bird’ nature or end up with the only tree up down the street!

Last minute

According to The Telegraph, Christmas trees weren’t put up until the afternoon of Christmas Eve – very austere indeed! If you’re not the most organised individual in the world however, following the old school tradition may be a bit of a bonus – just make sure you actually put the thing up!

Across the pond

Going back to the article from Wales Online, the American holiday of Thanksgiving is often used as a marker for families who put up their trees the week before Thanksgiving, which is the fourth Thursday of November. This means that an interesting menagerie of decorations are on display for the holiday!

Nature’s clock

The Telegraph’s article notes that:

“…a tree put up at the start of Advent, the fourth Sunday before Christmas Day (which, this year, falls on Sunday, November 27), will probably have shed most of its needles long before Christmas Day.”

Building on this, the British Christmas Tree Growers Association notes:

“…it's fine to get them [Christmas trees] from December 1 onwards. However, the comfy middle of the festive season, Gaudete Sunday, the third after Advent (December 11) is a good compromise.”

In summary…

To conclude, it seems that there’s plenty of different times across November, December and even earlier to get your Christmas tree up – just know that the earlier you go, the odder it looks, as one Harvester restaurant found out…

Do you have a specific date for putting your tree up? Let us know!

Image credit: Shreveport-Bossier Convention and Tourist Bureau

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